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The world we are working to create 

We are pushing hard to build better futures for those most in need

At CIS, our primary aim is to positively impact experiences, opportunities and futures for people who can and should have a better life.

As a dedicated not-for-profit organisation, we love working together to build better futures. We use our values, principles and processes to create frontline products and services that change lives for the better.

Our proven approach at CIS includes:

  • Education and training – with courses that work
  • Providing mentors who can help with personal development
  • Teaching job-ready techniques and sharing tips about work security
  • Counselling and relevant psychological support
  • Social activities that enable people to connect.

Our professionals are available via phone or in person for individuals and families. When there is a need to talk issues through, we are available.

For personal life, family life, work life

If there is truly a need in any aspect of life, CIS is ready, willing and able. For personal life, family life or matters concerning working life, CIS is a not-for-profit organisation for making a positive difference.

Our focus is on providing programs, offering services and engaging in other activities that promote and support community development.

Above all, at CIS we want to create a healthier, enhanced and enriched future for those on lower incomes and living in struggling neighbourhoods.

The programs we offer and the activities we promote are designed to improve mental and physical health while the education and training we put forward builds stronger and more positive future prospects.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that this website may contain images or names of deceased people.