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Veterans’ Employment Program Australia – A Step Towards Creating Better Outcomes!

Veterans’ Employment Program Australia

Veterans don’t have many opportunities when they retire and return to civilian life. They either have difficulty finding a job or end up with a position that does not match their credentials. This is where a veteran’s employment program in Australia can help them find the right career in which they are qualified, providing training and education to boost their skills for a civilian occupation that suits them.

The veteran employment program in Australia is a project that is focused on helping former or current members of the Australian Defence Force, particularly those who are experiencing socio-economic disadvantage, financial hardship, disability, injury, or illness as a result of serving. Its primary objectives are to help veterans transition seamlessly into civilian employment using tailored career mentoring, counselling, and planning and where appropriate, to provide a means to gain nationally-recognised qualifications. It also looks into any transferable military skills of veterans, in case these can be recognised in the civilian context. This way, the program has the potential to help enable veterans to find meaningful, sustainable, and decent work.

Veterans may have a broad range of skills that they acquired during service. Those skills will be helpful to the civilian workforce and the national economy, yet opportunities are lacking. According to data from the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Program in 2019, the number of Australian veterans is currently at 641,300, and one in three (30.2 per cent) is unemployed. Those who are employed earn 30 per cent lower than what they previously made, while 19 per cent are underemployed for the skills and knowledge they possess. The veterans’ employment program in Australia aims to address those issues by assessing the resume of former servicemen to understand their educational qualifications and encourage them to take up free courses and training programs to make them more qualified for civilian jobs.

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