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Know the Importance of Veteran Support Australia

Veteran Support Australia

Over 5,500 members of the Australian Defence Forces leave every year. Out of 641,300 Australian veterans, around 30.2 per cent are unemployed, and those with a job typically earn 30 per cent lower than their previous salary in the military. About 19 per cent of them are underemployed for the skills and knowledge they possess. To minimise the lack of employment opportunities in the country, non-profit organisations work with educational institutions and other corporations to provide reliable veteran support in Australia. With their collective effort, more veterans are able to improve the quality of their lives as they are assisted in securing and keeping a job.

Veteran support in Australia helps willing veterans to develop a clear vision and give them the opportunities to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. Providers aim to involve more communities through passionate entrepreneurs and powerful ideas to give equal opportunities to veterans. Veteran support is essential as it is part of successful and stronger nation-building. By empowering every person to be independent and capable of leading a life they deserve independently, our nation should become more powerful and resilient for years to come.

By the time veterans leave the military, they will likely have a broader range of skills, which should make them qualified for various jobs in various industries. These include critical thinking, leadership, risk management, communication, problem-solving, and negotiating. However, discrimination, stereotyping, and lack of job prospects could prevent them from having equal opportunities as other Australians. This is where veteran support in Australia can be helpful to them.

Support for veterans includes increasing their educational and training qualifications. Discerning organisations also work closely with every veteran to give them counselling and help them understand the extra academic qualifications they may need to become job market-ready in the country. Veteran support in Australia encourages former servicemen to sign up for courses and programs at no cost.

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