Jobs for Veterans in Australia
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Top 3 Ways to Find Jobs for Veterans in Australia

Jobs for Veterans in Australia

On average, approximately 5,000 Australians leave the defence force yearly. Sadly, coming back to civilian life does not guarantee employment opportunities. Despite being qualified for a wide array of positions, veterans are less likely to find a job that suits them. Most employers don’t have programs to give these veterans a chance. But there is hope. Jobs for veterans in Australia may be scarce, but there are ways for them to improve their chances of securing long-term employment in a workplace where they can truly thrive.

Some common problems former military members face are lower wages or salaries compared to what they have earned previously and being underemployed for their skills and knowledge. The good news is that not-for-profit organisations, some private institutions, and the government are working together to provide jobs for veterans in Australia. Veterans need to find ways to improve their credibility and make themselves employable. Here are three ways for them to successfully locate and keep jobs:

  1. Sign up for education programs – Further education could boost their chances of getting their skills and qualifications ready and more suitable for non-military jobs. By enhancing their knowledge and skills, veterans can effectively market themselves to discerning employers. These education programs are available as online courses or through classroom learning. The courses are designed and provided by experts with extensive knowledge of the job market so that they can understand the employment market’s need for specific skill sets.

  2. Undergo training – You may already have a specific skill set useful to the military, but how do you apply them in real-life situations and corporate settings? Training could provide more jobs for veterans in Australia as it empowers them with every necessary skill and knowledge they need to pursue the careers they want and thrive in them so that they can support their families.

  3. Get connected – Besides skill-based training and education, former military members can find jobs for veterans in Australia with career counselling and placements. These forms of support can come from volunteer organisations backed by training organisations, individual trainers, and educational institutions willing to help.

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