Community Tax Appeal

Enriching the lives of our participants and helping support underserved communities.

This tax time, consider a donation to CIS. Your gift is not only deductible but will directly improve the lives of Veterans and Indigenous Australians.

Veteran Communities Australia

Veterans: Building Lives After Service

Veterans face a number of unique hurdles when leaving military service. Trauma, PTSD, depression, and day to day challenges of reintegrating into civilian life can all be daunting. Despite their service to our nation, veterans can find it extremely difficult to obtain even entry-level employment positions. Long-term unemployment can cause further stress, strain, and mental anguish for Veterans and their loved ones. As a result, many veterans experience suicidal thoughts and deep depression.  

CIS works to prevent many of these issues through community engagement and employment pathways for our veteran communities. Your support will help a veteran gain a nationally recognised qualification from the skills they’ve developed through their time in service, elevating their resume and helping secure gainful employment through our partner networks.

Prevent tragedy and help support veterans thrive after service.

First Australians: Expanding Opportunity

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders experience a broad range of difficulties and challenges that are separate from the experience of the average Australian. Lower rates of education and employment compound deeply systemic issues for our First Nations people, resulting in poorer health outcomes and higher rates of mortality.  Many of these issues are entirely preventable and can be significantly improved through economic opportunity and gainful employment.

CIS works along-side indigenous communities to build job-ready skills for our participants. By offering fundamentals such as literacy and numeracy education and providing programs that encourage positive integration, we help boost confidence, self-determination, and independence. Your support will directly improve indigenous outcomes and create a better society for all.  

Help build opportunity for all Australians.  

Aboriginal Support

Your generous donation directly improves the lives of Veterans and First Australians and helps improve systemic issues within our society.

All donations in excess of $2.00 are tax-deductible as CIS is a Registered Charity: ACNC ABN  33636060903