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Community Involvement Solutions celebrates successful partnership with RSL and local community

Successful partnership with RSL and local community

Community Involvement Solutions (CIS), a non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering community engagement and making a positive impact, is proud to announce the recent success of its partnership with the Returned and Services League (RSL) and the local community. Through the collaboration, CIS has managed to raise a significant amount of funds and support various causes in the region.

A recent article published in the Jimboomba Times highlighted the impact of the “Giving Machine,” a program introduced by CIS in collaboration with RSL. The initiative encouraged the local community to participate in various charitable activities and events, which resulted in substantial financial support for the RSL and other local organisations.

The partnership’s success is evident from the generous donation amounts generated through the Giving Machine, which have helped fund critical community initiatives. These funds have not only supported the RSL and its mission to serve veterans but have also been allocated to various local projects focused on enhancing the lives of the broader community.

“We are thrilled to see the remarkable results of our collaboration with the RSL and the local community,” said Selina Rowe, Director of People, Culture & Communications. The success of the Giving Machine program showcases the power of community engagement and demonstrates how working together can create positive change.”

To celebrate the achievements of this partnership, CIS will host a special event to honour the contributions of the RSL, local businesses, and community members. The event will feature speeches from key stakeholders and the presentation of appreciation awards to those who have played a significant role in the project’s success. (

As Community Involvement Solutions continues to work on future initiatives, the organisation remains committed to fostering a sense of community spirit and encouraging active participation in charitable activities. By building upon the success of the Giving Machine, CIS aims to expand its reach and support even more worthy causes throughout the region.

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Community Involvement Solutions is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting community engagement and involvement. By partnering with local organisations and businesses, CIS creates opportunities for community members to make a positive impact in their area. Through various programs and initiatives, the organization aims to enhance the quality of life for everyone involved and foster a strong community spirit.