Hire a Veteran!
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Struggle to find good talent? Hire a Veteran!

Hire a Veteran!

Australia’s military is among the best in the world and a point of national pride. Members of the Australian Defense Force (ADF) undergo world-class training. When veterans leave the ADF, they bring a unique set of qualifications, training, experience, and talents with them.

Veterans contribute professional qualifications and technical knowledge in highly sought-after industries such as healthcare, trades, engineering, project management and logistics, information management, hospitality, security, and many more to the ADF.

Veterans are leaders and decision-makers, problem solvers and critical thinkers, risk managers, and communicators who have demonstrated expertise and high-level talents. They also possess the character attributes of integrity, loyalty, self-discipline, perseverance, and the capacity to operate in high-pressure circumstances. This is a challenging skill set to acquire and cultivate in new personnel.

Access to experienced and highly skilled workers is a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive labour market. Around 6,000 soldiers leave the ADF each year, giving businesses a unique opportunity to tap into this skilled talent pool.

The Benefits of Hiring Veterans

If you’re still not convinced, here are reasons why hiring military veterans could benefit your company:

Veterans are Goal-oriented

The military is one of the few occupations focusing solely on goal achievement. To achieve their goals, veterans are trained in engineered environments that concentrate strictly on mission accomplishment, and military members are instructed to practice collaboration, cooperation, and personal growth.

Veterans are Trained Leaders

Veterans are a great fit if you want to develop in-house talent and hire genuine leadership candidates. According to experts, the average Marine is enlisted at the age of 19. By the age of 20, he or she is promoted to non-commissioned officer and assigned to high-stress leadership positions.

Veterans Take Responsibility Seriously

Military personnel are taught to take their professions seriously from the start. They’ve been taught that silly mistakes, poor decisions, or flagrant oversights can result in significant injury or death to their colleagues. That’s something you can’t unlearn, so veterans tend to bring incredible precision into the workplace.

Veterans Know How to Make Decisions

The military is created to develop leaders, and as a result, all recruits are forced to trust their instincts. Veterans have been trained to take in as much information as possible before making a fast decision. Thus, they can usually be counted on to make the best decision available.

Veterans Speak Their Minds

Few veterans are “yes guys” despite being educated to follow orders. As employees, veterans will not be afraid to point out faults or ask their employer to reconsider a significant choice because of their leadership experience and intuition.

Veterans Have a Great Work Ethic

Slacking off isn’t an option while you’re in the military. Every work you’ve been given must be completed for a purpose, and veterans have been taught to recognize this. As a result, you should expect veterans to know what hard effort entails.

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