YILANGGU NGIYA – Ceremony (30cm x 30cm)


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This painting expresses appreciation for the gift of life. Depicted by the 2 figures with brown and white lines is men and women in body paint performing a dance to the creator. This is a ceremony of gratitude.

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Artist: Ethan-james Kotiau

Indigenous Artist - Ethan Kotiau

Ethan-james Kotiau is a member of the Gunggarri people from central Queensland and ties to the Iningai people. Ethan grew up on Iningai country in the Longreach area surrounded by his culture. His paintings are contemporary in style but, by using traditional elements (sometimes dots, sometimes lines) he attempts to evoke the ancient, mysterious history of the land with all its stories.

Ethan’s journey into the aboriginal art world began after he visited an exhibition in a Brisbane art gallery and was immediately inspired by renowned indigenous artist Ningura Napurrula Gibson’s paintings. Delving into aboriginal art pieces such as Ningura’s, the artist says, “he was reminded of his grandmother’s stories”. His artwork encapsulates everything about Iningai country, its history, its beauty, his own personal stories, the deep underlying spirituality, and so on. Ethan builds upon four fundamental principles that guide each of his paintings. “I believe it is important that my paintings are Beautiful, Simple, Tell a Story and add to my culture. That’s my personal belief and goal when I start a painting.” 

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Dimensions 30 × 30 cm

Acrylic on linen






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