Tears of Remembrance


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Tears of Remembrance

Tears of Remembrance represents the sacrifice of ANZAC soldiers who have laid down their lives during conflicts.

As the poppies are crying with tears of blood, the tears pool on the ground for all of us to remember and not forget the sacrifices that have been made

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Artist: Hazel Cowburn

Hazel Cowburn is an Aboriginal artist living on Bribie Island who is recognised for her work dealing with images of the spiritual world.

After suffering multiple cardiac arrests in 1999, Hazel’s outlook on life was significantly altered. The spiritual experience has had a profound effect on her work ever since.

Born in Gayndah (Wakka Wakka country) to parents Claude and Matilda, Hazel is the granddaughter of Harry & Sarah Mi Mi and Winnie & Robin Cobbo and a descendant of Wakka Wakka, Kabi Kabi, Gureng Gureng, and Butchulla people.

Hazel’s artwork has been exhibited throughout Australia including:

  • Parliament House, Sydney NSW
  • Parliament House, Brisbane QLD
  • Tears of Remembrance Exhibition
  • Our Language Matters and Serving Country Exhibition
  • Goodwill Games and many more
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