Mud Flakes – Indigenous Art (74cm x 74cm)


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Mud Flakes

As a child, the artist living in Gayndah craved for the Mud Flakes from Oakey Creek after the rain. The Mud Flakes provide iron, minerals, and medicine for our bodies.


*Purchasing artwork through CIS not only helps support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, but all profits generated are used to fund literacy and numeracy programs within the community. All profits raised go directly back into the community through literacy and numeracy programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

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Artist: Clive Cowburn

Clive Cowburn

Clive Cowburn is an Aboriginal artist who believes we must keep the tradition alive as we are very spiritual people and very much connected to the land and it is my duty as an artist to teach and educate the younger generation.

Clive was born in Gayndah (Wakka Wakka country) to his parents Claude and Matilda. He is the grandson of Harry and Sarah Mimi and Winnie and Robin Cobbo and a descendant of Wakka Wakka, Kabi Kabi, Gureng Gureng, and Butchulla people.


1998 – Robin O’Chin Art Exhibition

1999 – Multi-Cultural Art Exhibition Melpera

2001 – Commonwealth People festival

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