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What We Do 

Reconnecting and Bond-Strengthening Activities 

The most significant activity of our lives is to reconnect with ourselves, our family members, friends, and society. This is something that can bring us fulfillment in life and success in whatever endeavor we strive to plan.

We, at CIS, work towards making it possible for you, veteran soldiers and family, to reconnect back with the society. At times, our need for empathy and social skills is of utmost importance, when we want to reach out for help or reach out to help others. This is what CIS aims at, in our bond-strengthening activities – we bring people together on one stage for them to reconnect and build hopes and aspirations together!

For this to happen, we plan year-around social activities and team-building efforts where you can sit and talk to other people like you to help make significant decisions of your life. We understand that it is not easy to change or be an instrument of change in someone else’s life. What we understand, though, is that together, we can march forward to make a difference in our lives!

Educating the Mind and Soul 

We, at CIS, believe that education is the basis of everyday living, and for leading a good life all through! With this strong mentality, we organize different programs that can shape up your mind and enhance your career options.

There is no age to learning – people learn all the time. Either you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s, or for that matter, beyond 60s too, we help you get back to your basics to build yourself a good life ahead.

Training and Counselling 

At times, even though we think we have everything in hand – an excellent career prospect, a nice family life and a beautiful social one – we feel lost along the way.

At CIS, we have helped several such kindred spirits to find the right way through expert counseling, training sessions, and psychological support. One fact we have realized and experienced time and again is that getting and giving help at the right time can make a significant change in several lives. And, that is what we have trained us to do!

Thanks to our volunteers and kind-spirited donators, we have been able to take this journey forward, and have organized several social interaction camps and activities. As a voluntary organization, we work not for profit, but the happiness of all those associated with us in this journey. No- we are not doing this out of charity – our team has learned that we GAIN a lot more than we GIVE, along the way! This thought is what keeps us going!

Want to be a part of our journey? Connect with us today for a mutual sharing experience!

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