Measures to Create Jobs for Veterans
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Measures to Create Jobs for Veterans in Australia

Measures to Create Jobs for Veterans

Unemployment remains a problem in Australia, but certain groups, such as veterans, seem to have it worse. Often, civilian employers are unable to understand or acknowledge the credentials and skills they acquired from the military, making it more challenging for former members of the Australian Defence Force to become employed. In some cases, they may be used but are either underemployed for their skills and qualifications, or they are receiving pay that is lower than their previous salary during service. To address these problems, businesses, the government, and non-profit organisations are working together to take measures to create more jobs for veterans in Australia.

Understanding the value of veterans in the workplace

Veterans gain an extensive range of attributes, behaviours, abilities, and skills during their service in the ADF, making them incredible assets to the workplace. Programs and incentives are being provided to them to ensure a successful transition to the civilian workforce. Veterans in Australia are empowered by education, training, and counselling to give them more confidence to pursue and obtain meaningful employment. At the same time, the government and other entities are trying to show the Australian community how veterans’ experience and unique skills can be valuable to the civilian workforce.

Education is a priority.

The IVMF, or Institution for Veterans and Military Families, stated that higher education is a proven pathway that can assist veterans transition successfully from the military into rewarding employment and civilian life. The Australian Department of Veteran Affairs may be doing its part in providing financial support to some veterans, but it is limited to short-term vocational education. Veterans in Australia can become more competitive in the labour market with higher education.

Non-profit organisations are prioritising higher and vocational education to offer veterans in Australia a better chance at employment. They offer employment programs, encompassing career counselling to help veterans understand the additional qualifications required to make them job-ready.

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