Indigenous employment Australia in Australia

Indigenous Programs

Criteria for indigenous members eligible for assistance:

  • Experiencing financial and/or personal hardship.
  • At risk of engagement in or already be engaged with the Youth Justice system.
  • Currently experience hardship or lack of employment?

Indigenous Programs

CIS delivers a range of youth and social intervention programmes

Program 1: Aboriginal Work Readiness Program (AWRP)

Strategic Objective

To provide the life skills, motivation, learning, training and vocational options that will allow disadvantaged Aboriginal young people to confidently and successfully establish their place within and contribute to society

Program 2: Youth Development Program (YDP)

Strategic Objective

To provide the life skills, motivation, learning, training and vocational options that will allow youths at risk to confidently and successfully establish their place within and contribute to society.

Program 3: Fresh start program (FSP)

Youth Justice Initiative, this program contributes to the reduction of Youth offending by providing an alternative to youth imprisonment via a variety of youth opportunity orientated programmes based on current research and best practice.

How does education solve unemployment and social issues in the indigenous communities?

Indigenous employment in Australia

The employment gap between indigenous and nonindigenous Australians remains high despite the establishment of the “Close the Gap” framework in 2008.

Between 2001 and 2006, (Gray, Hunter, & Lohoar, 2012), employment opportunities gap between indigenous and nonindigenous Australians groups still exists;

  • The indigenous people make about 3% of the total Australian population with an estimated number of 761,300.
  • The average rate of unemployment among the indigenous Australians was 16%, way higher than that of the nonindigenous people (Daly, 2018).
  • The gap between the two groups in labour force was 55% and 65% in favour of the nonindigenous Australians.
  • Nonindigenous Australians were 1.4 times more likely to be employed compared to the aboriginal.

Education plays a huge role in enhancing the chances of the aboriginal Australians gaining meaningful employment. According to Bodkin-Andrews et al. (2016);

  • Unemployment gap between the two groups is reflected in the rates of educational attainment that also favours nonindigenous citizens.
  • The improvement in education achievements has yielded better outcomes in the form of improved employment rates.
  • With enhanced rates of employment, indigenous Australians are given more freedom to explore opportunities within their main regions and nationally, and the outcome is improved livelihood.

CIS’s Indigenous Employment Program

Our indigenous employment in Australia program is a three-way handshake between the indigenous communities, corporates entities and the team of CIS. It involves working on two levels –


The essence of education can never be ignored, especially if it is about uplifting a community. Our education programs are tailor-made and designed by specialists from the industry. The programs are designed to offer maximum exposure and knowledge to the indigenous youths facilitating them to step out of the darkness and embrace newer learnings.


Our indigenous employment program is based on these two pillars of education and vocational training. With comprehensive programs, young community members get skill training on different aspects helping them get ready for the Australian job market.

CIS’s indigenous employment in Australia is not only about knowledge sharing and imparting learnings but also about bridging the gap that exists between the corporate world and the indigenous community. We have taken it upon ourselves to help the business world understand the importance of giving this community an opportunity to work with them and contribute meaningfully towards the development of this community.

So, while we prepare the young and employable from the indigenous community to go out, work and realise their dreams, we associate with job providers under our indigenous employment in Australia program. CIS believes in delivering realistic and practical goals to the local community of Australia so that they are empowered, have a positive future to look forward to and get wider acceptance amongst the non-indigenous population of the country.

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