Indigenous Literacy & Numeracy Program

Developing foundational skills in reading, writing and mathematics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth and adults to:


3 in 4 indigenous people over the age of 15 did not attend year 12
18% of Aboriginal students failed to meet the minimum reading & writing standard in 2015
Up to 70% of indigenous adults in remote areas are ‘functionally Illiterate’
Literacy rates for Aboriginal Australians are lowest in those aged 45-54

CIS delivers education programs in partnership with Colleen Holmes Learning & Development who specialise in working alongside indigenous communities.

Through the Skills Explorer learning program, students develop language, literacy, numeracy and computer skills at their own pace to help improve their employment prospects and create new avenues of positive change in all aspects of their lives.  

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The Value of Education

Literacy and numeracy rates for adults and children within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are far below the national Australian average, with regional and remote communities suffering the most. These skills form the basis of learning and are required for employment and participation in everyday life.

The gap in education creates a barrier to obtaining work, as reading, writing and arithmetic underpin almost every job role. This significantly impacts a person’s earning potential, affecting the quality of life for themselves and their families. Low socio-economic status is also linked to many other issues including physical & mental health, income & life expectancy.

By building fundamental language, literacy and numeracy skills, we create better outcomes for individuals and benefit the entire community. Education is a means to self-enablement and opportunity. We can close the gap of inequality and create meaningful change within the lives of participants.  

Through our circular funding model, our literacy and numeracy program is part-funded through our indigenous consultation services:

Cultural Awareness Workshops

 Document Development

Cultural Event Consultation 

Event Speaking

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