Indigenous Employment Strategy Services

Indigenous Employment Strategy Services

An Indigenous Employment Strategy (IES) within your workplace will guide your recruitment processes and help to develop your team. Within our ever-changing economic environment, it pays to invest in innovative, long-term procurement strategies. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities represent a significant untapped pool of talent. Our IES services will help build a culturally positive working environment within your organisation to help attract and retain Indigenous employees.

Become an employer of choice

An Indigenous employment strategy can help your organisation standout amongst the competition and give you the edge in when recruiting talent. Companies that adopt corporate social responsibility within their frameworks are associated with modern, forward-thinking values. A culturally inclusive workplace is an attractive prospect to many employees, improving retention rates and saving costs in recruitment.

Strengthen your team

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employees can enhance your workforce through their unique perspective and experience, contributing to the cross-cultural awareness of your organisation. A correctly implemented IES can help attract these valuable skills, helping to improve communication within diverse teams and build stronger ties with the local community.

How CIS can help

CIS is part of the community we serve, working closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders within and outside the corporate landscape. Our firsthand knowledge and cultural understanding provide a unique insight that is critical for the development of a comprehensive IES.

Working alongside your organisation we facilitate the design, creation and implementation of your own unique IES, developed with key knowledge and understanding of the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders within your workplace.  

Your Funds directly helping the Community

CIS is a charity, non-profit organisation working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples to improve outcomes through education, training and professional development. Through our circular funding model, all profits generated from our services are delivered directly back to the communities in which we serve. Funds generated through our IES Services will help support literacy & numeracy programs within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

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How we help FAQs

The Indigenous Employment Strategy (IES) is a key element of the Government’s approach to improving the socio-economic conditions of Aboriginal people and advancing reconciliation. The IES sets out a collaborative, community-based approach to creating employment opportunities for Aboriginal people.
There are many reasons why you might need an Indigenous Employment Strategy (IES). Maybe you’re looking to create more opportunities for Indigenous people in your workplace. Maybe you’re trying to improve relationships with Indigenous communities. Or maybe you want to demonstrate your commitment to equity and diversity. Whatever the reason, an IES can be a powerful tool. It can help you attract and retain top Indigenous talent, build bridges with Indigenous communities, and create a more inclusive workplace culture.

Working alongside your organisation we facilitate the design, creation and implementation of your own unique IES, developed with key knowledge and understanding of the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders within your workplace.  

There are numerous benefits associated with implementing an IES within a company or organization. Perhaps most importantly, it can help address historical injustices and socioeconomic disparities that have disadvantaged Indigenous people for generations. Moreover, an IES can contribute to building a more diverse and culturally inclusive workplace, which research has shown can lead to multiple benefits for employers, including improved communication and creativity.