Indigenous Artwork Funding our Literacy and Numeracy Program

Indigenous Artwork Funding

When CIS sells artwork, it not only helps to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, but also helps to fund community projects. They sell a variety of artwork, including the following:

The right to literacy is inextricably linked to the right to education. Adult Australians should be encouraged to further strengthen their language, reading, and numeracy skills, regardless of their work or social status.

Workers in today’s businesses must have strong language, reading, and numeracy skills, as well as the ability to handle problems in technologically advanced environments. According to the results of the Program for International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) survey, 1 in 7 Australians (14%) has very poor literacy abilities, and 1 in 3 (30%) has literacy skills that put them at risk of unemployment and social marginalisation.

Today’s Australians require advanced communication skills as well as high levels of digital literacy. A lack of language, literacy and numeracy affects every area of an adult’s life, as well as families, children, and communities.

Language, literacy, and numeracy levels of the adult population must be at the forefront of public policy in order to compete in the global knowledge-based economy and preserve the degree of prosperity and social cohesion that Australians require and expect.

Literacy and Numeracy Programs that CIS offers:

Developing core reading, writing, and math abilities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and adults in order to:

Colleen Holmes Learning & Development, which specialises in dealing with indigenous people, join with CIS to conduct education initiatives. Students build language, literacy, numeracy, and computer skills at their own pace through the Skills Explorer learning programme, which helps them enhance their employment chances and open new doors to positive change in all parts of their lives. Find out more about the program here

Education’s Importance in Today’s World:

Adult and child literacy and numeracy rates in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are significantly lower than the national average, with regional and remote communities suffering the most. These abilities serve as the foundation for learning and are necessary for work and engagement in daily life.

Because reading, writing, and arithmetic are required in practically every job capacity, a lack of education provides a barrier to employment. This has a tremendous impact on a person’s earning potential, as well as their and their families quality of life. The low socioeconomic position is linked to a slew of other difficulties, including physical and mental health, income, and lifespan.

We improve individual outcomes and help the entire community by strengthening core language, reading, and numeracy skills. Education is a means of empowering oneself and expanding one’s horizons. We can close the gap in inequality and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

By purchasing artwork in our store, you can directly help support our Literacy and Numeracy Program. Shop now or donate today.

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