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Every person’s situation and circumstance is different and adapting to these challenges are dedicated staff from CIS. We conduct a holistic assessment of every individual’s needs making sure we come up with the best outcome and support to be provided.



Vocational training

Skills development



Cultural Support


Look at what we are doing

Our programs help people develop talents and become more employable.

When a person comes from a disadvantaged background, further schooling, relevant training, and/or more advanced education will always help. It is almost impossible to build a brighter future, without the right level of education.

Education – Education – Education

There can be no doubt that for better opportunities and work security, education is the key. From experience with indigenous people and with former service personnel, CIS is well aware of just how important, education is. And that is education in the broadest sense. Central to our approach is our national program of scholarships, student support and post-school opportunities.

Specifically, CIS programs cover activities to:

  • Help improve awareness and identity
  • Develop talents and potential
  • Build human capital
  • Facilitate employability
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Contribute to fulfilling dreams and aspirations

At CIS, what we are on about, is reaching out to those people who are less fortunate. In all our work we are giving disadvantaged people access to a quality education. We are giving them the chance for a better future outlook and to improve their opportunities. And we want to give them the chance to taste success.

Our Programs

Our vision, mission and purpose are all aligned towards making the disadvantaged communities in Australia realise their potential and provide them with a platform to spread out their wings completely. Our community services program involves:

  • Educating people who are experiencing poverty, homelessness and economic disadvantage, as well as those experiencing mental illness, physical and psychiatric disability from the indigenous and veteran communities.
  • Sharing knowledge and making available resources that can help them achieve their dreams.
  • Employment help Australia is an integral part of our community service This means that our programs are designed and curated to help people from socio-economic disadvantaged communities in Australia find suitable and desirable jobs and careers.
  • Training the youth from deprived communities to instil confidence in them and elevate their skills and talents to match the requirements of the employment market.

Veterans Programs

CIS projects and programs are focused on enabling Australians, leaving or who have left the Australian Defence Force and, are experiencing financial hardship, socio-economic disadvantage and/or illness, injury or disability as a result of their service:

  • To transition smoothly into civilian employment through tailored career planning, mentoring and counselling.
  • Where appropriate gain nationally recognised qualifications and/or have any transferrable military skills appropriately recognised in a civilian context to ultimately find decent, meaningful and sustainable work.

Indigenous Programs

CIS delivers a range of youth and social intervention programmes

Program 1: Aboriginal Work Readiness Program (AWRP)

Strategic Objective

To provide the life skills, motivation, learning, training and vocational options that will allow disadvantaged Aboriginal young people to confidently and successfully establish their place within and contribute to society

Program 2: Youth Development Program (YDP)

Strategic Objective

To provide the life skills, motivation, learning, training and vocational options that will allow youths at risk to confidently and successfully establish their place within and contribute to society.

Program 3: Fresh start program (FSP)

Youth Justice Initiative, this program contributes to the reduction of Youth offending by providing an alternative to youth imprisonment via a variety of youth opportunity orientated programmes based on current research and best practice.

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Our programs concentrate on the socioeconomic factors that determines health which includes employment, education and income for in need members of the indigenous community as well as current serving and former members of the Australian Defence Force.

Are you eligible for our programs?

Criteria for ADF members eligible for assistance:

  • Current or former serving member of the ADF • Have mental or physical injuries from your service
  • Have mental or physical injuries from your service
  • Currently experience hardship or lack of employment?

Criteria for indigenous members eligible for assistance:

  • Experiencing financial and/or personal hardship.
  • At risk of engagement in or already be engaged with the Youth Justice system.
  • Currently experience hardship or lack of employment?