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715,700 Australians do not
have a secure job

At Community Involvement Solutions we are taking action to
solve this problem – and you can help – 1800 962 219

The current statics of unemployment are as follows:


Unemployment nationally for all Australians is currently at 5.8 % 

0 %

Unemployment rate for the indigenous community

0 %

Unemployment for Veterans in Australia

Get the Indigenous Employment Support in Australia

We are changing lives for the better for we believe everyone deserves a fair go. And if someone is struggling for any reason, we want to be there on the spot to give them a hand up.

The key pillars of Community Involvement Solutions (CIS) are:



Employment Services

These are critical for making a difference in people’s lives, giving individuals better opportunities and for helping to transform the future.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
— Malcolm X

At CIS, we are all about making a measurable difference in people’s lives. On a day-to-day basis we make a positive impact while providing practical support as well as services that really help. We facilitate help and encouragement for people who need new hope and more reassurance.

Our experience over years has been especially with indigenous communities and veterans. Now we are extending our reach to the wider community in order to provide a helping hand wherever and whenever it is needed.

Indigenous culture, history and knowledge are things of pride and we encourage that feeling. At CIS, we believe in putting our soul and heart into the cause of the indigenous people of Australia. Indigenous employment in Australia is vitally important towards helping our local communities get back to self-sustainment.


And, for us, veterans too hold great significance. Being a reputed non-profit organisation in the country, we work towards veteran support in Australia. It is a small conscious effort from our end to help such people and their families who have rendered their precious years in safeguarding our country.

The real-life facts show poorly on the employment rates of indigenous Australians and the veteran communities. Against a country unemployment rate of 5.8%, 18% of the local population are sitting idle while almost 30% of veterans failing to find interested employers in the country today. CIS is a non-profit organisation involved with honesty and integrity in veteran support in Australia and indigenous employment in Australia.

How do we do it?

To be precise, we do it at three different levels.

  1. Educating the indigenous community

    Indigenous Australians constitute about 3.3% of the total population. However, the attendance rate of students from this community in 2017 was 83.2% compared to non-indigenous community’s 93%. This is the school attendance rate. Colleges and professional institutes also have a similar story to tell. At CIS, we realise that educating our local communities is the first step towards investing in their future. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Our efforts towards educating the indigenous community stems from the thought process that education is the only channel to reduce discrimination and prejudices against the community, opening their world to western standards and also helping preserve their culture and language as our precious heritage.

  2. Training services

    While educating the indigenous youth is essential, what is quintessential is that they are trained adequately to fit into the employable parameters. Hence, at CIS, we undertook efforts to provide the indigenous people and veterans with an equal opportunity to get themselves acquainted with the requirements of the professional world.

  3. Employment services

    Our endeavour here is completely focused on indigenous employment in Australia and veteran support in Australia. The purpose is to offer counselling, mentoring and support services to the indigenous communities and veterans so that they can choose their careers in a well-informed manner and get employed as per their choice.

Our track record in all these three aspects has been impeccable till date. As a non-profit organisation, CIS is committed to work towards the upliftment of the indigenous community and veterans of Australia.

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