Getting Jobs for Veterans
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3 Factors That Are Important for Getting Jobs for Veterans in Australia

Getting Jobs for Veterans

Veterans are among those with a wide range of abilities, attributes, and skills, making them valuable as employees. They are resilient, possess good organisational skills, and make good leaders. These skills may apply to civilian life, particularly in the workplace. However, not all veterans have that chance because they cannot translate those skills into something more applicable to the business world. The result is the lack of jobs for veterans in Australia. However, some efforts can help improve their chance of becoming employed. Knowing these factors may improve their situation in the long run:

  1. Education – Veterans possess various skills, which they acquire & develop during their service in the Australian Defence Force. These include risk management, leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, negotiating, and communication skills. For example, a former ADF member may have the potential to do better in program management. However, barriers like stereotyping, presumptions about ex-ADFs having PTSD, and the lack of educational qualifications may prevent them from transitioning effectively to regular employment.

    Some organisations are working to provide better educational opportunities to former servicemen and women by giving them access to higher education and vocational programs. This way, they can have the educational qualification they need to improve their chances of getting and keeping a job.

2. Job prospects – Most employers would have limited or no jobs for veterans in Australia due to misconceptions about former ADF members. This makes them miss out on the skills and expertise the veterans can bring to their business. By looking past typical qualifications, like industry experience, employers can acknowledge that veterans are great candidates for many different positions in the workplace. Those who already did benefit from hiring former ADF personnel who bring their innovative thinking, new insights, and expertise to their business or organisation.

3. Get involved – You, too, can help provide more jobs for veterans in Australia by getting involved in projects aimed at this goal. If you own a business or are an employer yourself, look for organisations you can sponsor or form a partnership with, so you can give a chance to deserving people. This may also help your business stand out.

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