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The work we undertake cannot be achieved without the help of our valued sponsors. Show your stakeholders you care and help affect change in underserved communities. We offer a number of support options for organisations big and small.  

How your donations help Veterans

Early intervention is critical for veterans transitioning into civilian life. We adopt a preventative method of support by facilitating a ‘qualifications safety net’ ensuring veterans transferable skills are acknowledged through formal certifications. This greatly improves employability and helps relieve stress and anxiety throughout the transition process.

How your donations help the indigenous community

CIS delivers a range of youth and social intervention programmes designed to cultivate and develop life skills, motivation, learning and vocational knowledge. Participants build the skills and confidence to find their place in society and contribute back to their community.


  • Reduce youth offences by providing an alternative to youth imprisonment through programmes based on current research and best practice.
  • Contribute to a reduction in discrimination, harassment and cyber-bullying.
  • Contribute to a reduction in suicide.
  • Improve employment options through life-skill coaching and mentoring using a military methodology supported by Government agencies, Non-Government agencies, business and community sectors.
  • Working collaboratively with NGO’s, GO’s, and the communities to ensure specialist support following attendance on the Readiness Program courses and ensuring participants live in a safe and supportive family environment that does not hinder their development.
  • Reduce domestic violence and/or conflict.
  • Build ongoing relationships with business and community support networks.
  • Reduce financial cost to regional and central Governments, and financial/social costs to communities and families.
  • Deliver a variety of courses in support of Government and community development strategies and policy.

Be involved in our work

No matter the size of your business, you can help us provide much needed support for underserved members of the community.

Whether you’re looking to donate, provide in-kind support or just want to help out, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Please contact us today to discuss.


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