You can become a partner or sponsor

By getting involved your company can play a crucial role in our work with deserving people.

Maybe it’s time to make your business stand out. Lots of research today indicates that consumers prefer businesses that give back to the community. As a partner or sponsor at CIS, you can show that you really care about people in need.

How your donations help Veterans

Early intervention is critical for transitioning members to ensure they can succeed in finding decent employment in reducing the likelihood of financial and emotional distress for them and their families. The CIS approach is also to ensure a qualifications safety net with a recognition of transferable skills is provided so we do not wait until a veteran fails and we have to ‘pick up the pieces. Each dollar donated goes towards a recognised qualification for a serviceman/veteran.

How your donations help the indigenous community

CIS delivers a range of youth and social intervention programmes specifically focussed on To provide the life skills, motivation, learning, training and vocational options that will allow disadvantaged Aboriginal young people to confidently and successfully establish their place within and contribute to society.


  • Contribute to the reduction of youth offending by providing an alternative to youth imprisonment via a variety of youth opportunity orientated programmes based on current research and best practice.
  • Contribute to a reduction in discrimination, harassment and cyberbullying.
  • Contribute to a reduction in suicide, “One suicide is one too many”.
  • Contribute to improving employment and other placement options to Young people through life skill coaching and mentoring using a military methodology supported by Government agencies, Non-Government agencies, business and community sectors.
  • Working collaboratively with NGO’s, GO’s, and the communities to ensure specialist support during and following attendance on the Readiness Program courses, particularly to support the Young Person to live in a safe and supportive environment and to ensure the work done with the young person is complemented by the family and not undone.
  • Reduce domestic violence and/or conflict.
  • Build ongoing relationships with business and community support networks.
  • Reduce financial costs to the regional and central Government, and both financial and social costs to communities and families.
  • Deliver a variety of courses in support of Government and community development strategies and policy.

Your donation will support this program.

You are never too big or too small to get involved with CIS

No matter what your business is, and no matter how big or how small, you can help us provide much needed support and services for needy members of the community.

CIS is a not-for-profit organisation and whether you want to be a sponsor or a partner we need you alongside us. Our resources are always limited and we need supporters like you.

As a sponsor or a partner, there are all sorts of options for you. Please contact us now to look at what would work best for you.


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How can you play your part

By sending a gift today you will be lending a helping hand and you’ll feel so good about yourself.

Do you want to do more good in more ways for more people?

Well, you can do something seriously worthwhile by giving a generous gift today to help restore hope for hurting people.
The vulnerable adults and the struggling families that CIS reaches will always be grateful to you. And so will we.

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