employment services for veterans

To help with employment services for veterans in Australia, Community Involvement Solutions (CIS), provides relief from poverty, economic disadvantage, and mental and emotional anguish, improve individual results through education. Working with Veteran and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, we build holistic programs that empower people to improve their circumstances.

Who are Veterans?

A veteran is someone who has served in the military and has left the ADF. A war veteran is someone who has directly participated in battle within war (although not all military conflicts, or areas in which armed combat took place, are necessarily referred to as wars).

Military veterans are distinct as a group because their occupation during deployment can be very different from those in the civilian workforce. Potential trauma, PTSD and other mental health illnesses can affect soldiers when they return home from combat. These can present challenges for military veterans trying to reintegrate into civilian society. Homelessness, suicide and long-term unemployment are all disproportionally higher for veterans than the general population. CIS goal is prevention of all of these issues through helping Veterans obtain gainful employment.

The Veterans Employment Program is being developed (VEP)

The NSW Office for Veterans Affairs undertook research into how ADF employees’ skills and experience match those required for public sector positions in order to design the VEP. ADF skills and experience are highly transferable to government workplaces across a broad range of areas, according to this comprehensive study. In the NSW Government, there are jobs for people with all levels of ability and experience, from entry-level to executive positions. The NSW Government is dedicated to leveraging this huge and highly talented recruitment pool, which sees about 1,200 persons leave the ADF each year.

How we Help?

Our diversified team specializes in assisting current and former Australian Defence Force members. Our services are intended to provide meaningful assistance in order to promote long-term positive change. We want to equip people with the tools they need to develop and improve their condition through the pillars of education, mentorship, and counseling. We enable participants to seek assistance and assistance from others within their culture by tapping into established community networks. We take the time to listen, comprehend, and assist co-create a fresh chapter for each person’s experience.

Our programs assist people in honing their skills and increasing their employability. We provide education, mentoring, counseling, qualifications, cultural support, skill development, and vocational training, among other services.

About Us:

Community Involvement Solutions, a registered charity, was created on the premise of impact via collaboration. We don’t only assist individuals; we collaborate with communities to find long-term solutions to the underlying challenges that affect their members. Many of the issues that people experience are directly related to their socioeconomic situation. Unemployment or underemployment can have a significant negative influence on a person’s mental health, self-confidence, and capacity to sustain themselves and their society. We take a whole-person approach to social support, with the ultimate goal of finding meaningful and profitable work. We work one-on-one with clients to discover and deconstruct their personal blockages to achieve upward mobility, which is the cornerstone of self-fulfillment.

CIS assists in the development and strengthening of existing support systems in the community through counselling, education, and mentorship programs. We can only heal, progress, and develop as a society if we facilitate productive partnerships at the local level.

Our Purpose:

Our major purpose is to alleviate poverty, as well as mental and emotional pain, for persons who are economically disadvantaged. Employment is an important aspect of life that gives financial and social rewards as well as opportunity for social integration. Those who are able to work can realise their full potential, help them recover from their circumstances, obtain acceptance and support from society, and find job happiness.

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