Employment Community Services

How Employment Community Services Can Raise the Bar of Employment

Employment Community Services

Unemployment remains an issue in Australia, despite the many jobs available. Employable individuals, like the youth, veterans, and indigenous Australians, may find it challenging to secure and keep a job, mainly due to being underqualified, often due to a lack of training and education. To improve the situation, some non-profit organisations and discerning businesses are working together to provide employment community services to individuals who may need support to access better education and training opportunities. Through this, the bar of employment in Australia may be raised.

Community Involvement Solutions services aim to positively impact the futures, opportunities, and experiences of Australians who want a better life. They are offered by not-for-profit organisations working together with companies looking to make a difference in building a better future for the country and its people. Their approach is focused on education and training. Courses and programs proven to work are provided to indigenous Australians, the youth, and veterans.

Mentors are part of the cause to help with the personal development of individuals being assisted by the programs, and relevant psychological support and counselling are also provided to enhance the mindset of participants. Employment community services teach job-ready methods and techniques for job security. Special activities are conducted to empower people to connect.

Lack of education is a known contributor to underemployment and unemployment, not just in Australia but in the rest of the world. Despite the growing availability of jobs, not all Australians have equal access to employment. Access to education, training and better job prospects can help minimise and possibly eliminate unemployment issues down the line. This is made possible through employment community services aimed at the indigenous youth and veterans. With a degree and other credentials from vocational education and training, they have a better chance of securing a job after training.

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