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Educating and Empowering Great Minds 

Education and training in Australia

At CIS, we believe that Education is Key to Success’. However, we also know the time and geographical constraints that make us take a back seat in this effect.That is why; we have come up with some very apt and easy solutions for all. We have with us some of the excellent educational institutions, who have a similar thought process and have volunteered to help us with our endeavor.So, as a voluntary organisation, we have the backup of several educational institutions, training organizations and individual trainers, who are all set to help you! From providing excellent and skill-based education and training to help with placements and career counseling, you can get it all with their expert support.

Education with a difference 

The need of today’s employment market is an expert skill-set and excellent command over whatever you do. Be it software or any other field, what you need is the kind of expertise they look for- experience does not matter if you can get that expertise.

That is why, we, at CIS and our supporters have come up with education and training programs that are available for you face-to-face classroom learning or as an online course. The courses are designed and executed with the experts who know the job market in and out and therefore understand the need for a specific skill set.

With such training and education sessions, you will:

  • Be all set to take on a career that is designed and hand-picked for you or picked by you as a choice
  • Learn the basics and rudiments of whatever course you are learning
  • Have expert guidance both at the time of training and after, for career options
  • Empower yourself with all that is necessary for making a glorious career, and in turn, a good future for you and your family
  • Be equipped with all that is needed to pursue a career of your dreams and earn to support your family

Transformations and transitions take time – however, with consistent effect, you can do what you set out for in the first place.

Educate, Train and Empower for better career prospects

There is nothing like learning the basics that can help build good career prospects. As a non-profit making organization, our supporters, the educational institutions and trainers offer training at a reduced cost or sometimes free of cost, depending upon the availability or requirements.

We can provide all the support in terms of understanding your needs, and steering you towards the right training course or education requirements. We reiterate that learning never stops- there is no minimum or maximum age for learning.

So, if you are a veteran soldier or a serving one, or someone looking for an opportunity to get your life back on track, we will be happy to guide you to a good training program.

Connect with us today to learn more about the education and training programs available for y

As a great person once said, education is truly the passport to a great future – a future that you have chosen and that is as per your interest. Having said this, not everyone has the monetary capacity to pursue their choice of professional courses. CIS is a non-profit organisation that is committed to uplift the underserved communities in Australia. Here, since we receive the patronage of a number of educational institutes and learned people from the industry, we are able to offer comprehensive education and training programs to students who have the desire to excel but have limitations to do so.

 Our education and training programs are mostly vocational education that offer the students industry-specific knowledge and help them get ready to face the challenges of the professional world. Our education vocational training programs have been designed by industry leaders – hence, you gain from the experience and expertise of highly proficient people who are associated with us as trainers.

Why should you choose CIS for vocational education? 

  • We offer one of the most elaborate education vocational training courses and programs for students to choose from.
  • Our programs are practically oriented. The curriculum has been designed by a team of specialised people in a particular niche. The content has been aligned with the requirements of the modern-day corporate sector. Hence, when you complete the course successfully, you are ready completely for the new journey as a professional.
  • Owing to the nature of our organisation and our commitment to community causes, most of the institutes, teachers and trainers associated with us in our education and training programs charge minimally or zero fees for these courses; therefore, making the vocational education extremely charitable and reasonable. This has been done with the intention to offer equal opportunity to the lesser privileged sections of society at learning and skill training.
  • We are empathetic when it comes to realising that for the veterans getting back to the classrooms for an education vocational training session can be awkward and embarrassing. This is why our vocational training classes are held in the physical classroom as well as online. This provides our veterans the right ambience for getting themselves acquainted with the required skill-sets for the corporate world from the comforts of their personal space. Even for many on-the-job students from the weaker communities, our education and training programs facilitate learning as per the convenience of the student.
  • We reaffirm that our trainers and teachers are the best in their field. They are there to help you during the classroom sessions as well as after.

At CIS, we ensure that our educational vocational training reaches out to as many people as possible who need a platform to do better in life!  

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