Australian Defence Forces Veteran community
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How CIS helps the Australian Defence Forces Veteran community?

Australian Defence Forces Veteran community

During their time in the military, veterans acquire a wide range of skills and information. Even though research shows they exceed the overall population in several desirable employee attributes (critical thinking, leadership, and problem-solving), they are frequently ignored for job openings.

The social stigma associated with mental illness and a lack of formal qualifications continue to be major roadblocks in the civilian job market for veterans. As a result, one out of every three veterans is unemployed, and 5.3 per cent have been homeless in the past year (compared to 1.9 per cent of the civilian population).

CIS assists ex-servicemen and women in gaining nationally-recognised qualifications and improving their civilian results by connecting with the veteran community.

Enablement through education

Community Involvement Solutions (CIS), a registered charity that provides relief from poverty, economic disadvantage, and mental and emotional anguish, provides support and training to improve individual results through education. We help people improve their position by implementing holistic programs that achieve significant change in collaboration with Veteran, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Our CIS program is meant to offer genuine assistance to promote long-term positive change. We want to equip people with the tools to develop and improve their condition through education, mentorship, and counselling. We enable participants to seek assistance and guidance from others within their culture by tapping into established community networks. We take the time to listen, comprehend, and assist in co-create a fresh chapter for each person’s experience.

Veterans Programs Australia

We assist current or former members of the Australian Defence Force who are suffering from financial hardship, socioeconomic disadvantage, illness, injury, or disability as a result of their service:

  • To transition smoothly into civilian employment through tailored career planning and mentoring
  • Gain nationally recognised qualifications and have their transferrable military skills acknowledged in a civilian context to find meaningful and sustainable work.

How do education and job prospects solve veteran unemployment issues?

Education is a well-established international avenue for assisting veterans in making a successful transition from the military to civilian life and meaningful work. Some veterans receive financial assistance from the Australian Department of Veteran Affairs. However, this assistance is primarily for short-term vocational education rather than skills recognition or longer-term qualifications. The Australian Defence Forces Veteran community is fantastic and needs to be cherished. 

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